Don't call the new Harvest Moon game 'Harvest Moon'

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Don't call the new Harvest Moon game 'Harvest Moon'
Xseed Games has picked up the North American publishing rights to the next entry in Marvelous' long-running Harvest Moon series, announcing that it will release the sequel Story of Seasons for the Nintendo 3DS in North America later this year.

Published by Natsume since its Super NES debut in 1997, the farming-focused Harvest Moon series has seen numerous sequels and spinoffs in the years that followed, including the ongoing Rune Factory subseries. Natsume still owns the rights to the "Harvest Moon" trademark in North America, however, requiring Xseed to rename its upcoming 3DS game Story of Seasons.

Despite the new name, Story of Seasons shares much of its development staff with previous Harvest Moon games, including producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto and character designer Igusa Matsuyama. Story of Seasons also retains core series mechanics like crop-tending, animal care, and character growth and customization. Xseed notes that further details will be revealed at E3 next month.

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XSEED Games Tells a STORY OF SEASONS on Nintendo 3DS

A new beginning for the Bokujo Monogatari franchise from the series' seasoned development team brings farm and life simulation to Nintendo 3DS

Torrance, Calif., (May 28, 2014) – XSEED Games, the independent-minded console publishing brand of Marvelous USA, Inc., today confirmed STORY OF SEASONS will be released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS in North America this winter. Developed by the veteran team behind the fan-favorite Bokujo Monogatari series and headed by longtime lead producer, Yoshifumi Hashimoto, STORY OF SEASONS represents a new beginning for the beloved series which has seen dozens of entries and sold close to ten million copies worldwide.

"Story of Seasons represents a new chapter in our amazing tale," said Yoshifumi Hashimoto, Head of Development at MarvelousAQL. "We are creating a new experience that will carry on the spirit of Bokujo Monogatari, and in doing so, will fulfill our loyal fans' expectations and desires while ushering in a new generation of games to come.

Released under the title Bokujo Monogatari: Tsunagaru Shintenchi in Japan earlier this year, which literally translates as Farm Story: Connect to a New World, STORY OF SEASONS carries on the iconic life simulation and farming RPG gameplay made famous through the Bokujo Monogatari series' 18-year history while infusing new and exciting features into the experience, marking a key milestone for the franchise. Fans will appreciate the evolution seen in STORY OF SEASONS as the game retains its signature style while adapting and strengthening its offerings through the formation of this new IP.

Players will create a fully customizable character, selecting gender, hair style and facial features as desired. They will then take on their role as the newest resident of Oak Tree Town, a small settlement filled with promises of new beginnings, hard work and significant relationships. In the process of tending to crops, animals and the many other aspects of everyday farming life, players will amass the resources necessary to customize and expand their farms – from livestock and seeds to décor and layout – granting total freedom to shape their homestead as they wish and fit virtually any play style.

In STORY OF SEASONS, traditional farm-building mechanics are combined with all-new multiplayer and StreetPass connectivity, granting players the ability to tour one another's farms, cultivate crops together and even exchange gifts. Further adding to the roster of new elements, STORY OF SEASONS has decorative items available from the Super Mario Bros. franchise, including Super Mushroom, Fire Flower and Super Star.

Developed in Japan by MarvelousAQL, STORY OF SEASONS will be published in North America by XSEED Games, and will be released in winter exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. STORY OF SEASONS will make its US debut at the E3 2014 expo in XSEED Games' West Hall booth #5436.

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