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Lookout alert system sends you email when it detects thief-like activities

Getting your phone stolen can make your stomach drop in the blink of an eye, that's why some security app devs, like Lookout's, try to make it easier by offering anti-theft features. The app's latest version comes with a new tool suite called Theft Alerts, which, as you can tell, gets the digital sirens blaring when it detects unusual activities. Lookout studied the common ways thieves deal with stolen phones and now sends out emails when someone removes your SIM card, enables Airplane mode, turns off your device and removes the app as the phone's administrator. You can then decide whether to use the other weapons in Lookout's arsenal, including those that let you lock and wipe a phone remotely.

The software has also long been able to capture and email a picture of the thief (snapped by the phone's front cam) who tries and fails to enter the correct PIN. With this update, though, that feature, along with the other new additions, becomes exclusive to paid users. Luckily, everyone can try out these premium add-ons for free until September 31st... unless you have an iOS device, in which case, you sadly have limited access to the tool suite. Oh, if you're prone to typing in incorrect PIN codes or accidentally deleting apps, don't worry -- Lookout won't flood your inbox if you take time to customize the Theft Alerts suite.

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