Got PlayStation Plus? You're now getting two games every month

Now that Microsoft is offering free games each month to Xbox One owners with Live Gold subscriptions, Sony is in a tough spot -- how does it get you to buy a console and sign up for PlayStation Plus? By giving you more games, that's what. As of June, Plus members get two games per month for every PlayStation platform they use, whether it's a PS3, PS4 or Vita. Availability will also be more consistent as of July. From then on, you'll see the new Plus titles arrive (and old titles phase out) on the first Tuesday of a given month.

The usual gotcha for Plus applies. Unlike Microsoft's program, which lets you hold on to games even after your subscription lapses, Sony's service requires that you keep shelling out to continue playing any giveaways. It's not a perfect deal, then, but it's hard to object to getting additional games at no extra charge.