Towerfall lets arrows sail on Mac, Linux

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Towerfall lets arrows sail on Mac, Linux
The mechanically simplistic, extraordinarily competitive Towerfall: Ascension has coated Linux and Mac devices with bramble arrows. Whether you're on PC, Mac or Linux, you can celebrate the spread of Towerfall's frenzied, archery-driven deathmatches by buying a Steam key directly from Matt Makes Games for $9.99, 33 percent lower than the normal $15 asking price.

You'll need to decide sooner rather than later though - at the time of this writing, there's about 20 hours left to get in on the sale. If you need to be swayed, Senior Reporter Jess Conditt's review describes Towerfall as a "whole-brain game with minimal controls," and she adds that it's "the most fun I've had with a bow and arrow since The Year Of The Bow – or even the 1980s."
[Image: Matt Makes Games]
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