WWDC's "Stump the Experts" shows who the real Apple trivia experts are

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Yoni Heisler
June 1, 2014 7:00 PM
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WWDC's "Stump the Experts" shows who the real Apple trivia experts are

One of the more popular events at WWDC is "Stump the Experts", an annual extravaganza of obscure Apple trivia, both technical and otherwise, where audience members compete against Apple's own in-the-know experts.

This year, "Stump the Experts" is slated to take place at WWDC on Tuesday, June 2. As opposed to the keynote, this event won't be livestreamed, but you can relive great moments from "Stump the Experts" from past years, thanks to these YouTube clips of previous events. If you think you know a lot about Apple, the following videos may have you thinking quite the opposite.

WWDC 2013 - Stump the Experts

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WWDC 2012 - Stump the Experts

WWDC 2011 - Stump the Experts

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