You can now add another YouView box to your BT TV subscription

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Jamie Rigg
June 2nd, 2014
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You can now add another YouView box to your BT TV subscription

You used to need special hardware to replicate the set-top box experience in another room. Now, complicated setups and IR repeaters are almost unnecessary when you can just add another box to your TV subscription. This has been available to Sky and Virgin Media customers for some time, and today BT is catching up by launching the imaginatively named "Extra Box" subscription. Assuming you're already signed up with BT TV, a £99 one-off payment and £5 per month will buy you another YouView+ box for a different room.

You'll get all the same features and channels on the second box, with Sky Movies being the only channel pack that can't be replicated. As for the small print, the Extra Box requires a 12-month commitment, and you can only have one. Also, because BT's TV service is purely internet-based, the company says you'll need a better-than 34 Mb connection to keep both boxes running smoothly. BT's fiber broadband packages start at "up to 38 Mb," meaning "the majority of Infinity customers" shouldn't need to worry about the extra demand on bandwidth.

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