How much would a real-life Siri cost you? Around $3,000 per year

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Mike Wehner
June 4th, 2014
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How much would a real-life Siri cost you? Around $3,000 per year


Listen, Siri is great, OK? She can look up the definition of a word, schedule reminders, play songs, and with iOS 8 she can even make purchases for you. But, and this is a big "but," not that Siri's butt is big, at least I don't think so, let me ask...


Ok, that was inconclusive. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, so Siri is great, but no matter how smart her pre-programmed responses may seem, she's just not real. If you want an actual living, breathing personal assistant, you have to look to an obscure, high-end smartphone maker called Vertu and its newly launched Vertu Signature Touch smartphone. The US$10,300 phone comes with a titanium frame, sapphire-coated touchscreen, and a real life personal assistant that can get you just about anything your heart desires.

vertu smartphone

The Signature Touch has a feature called "Concierge" that connects the user to a personal assistant with the tap of the screen. The person on the other end can do everything from provide Siri-like information services to much more wallet-busting requests like scoring you tables at exclusive restaurants and booking you flights with a moment's notice.

So how much does this one-on-one attention cost? Well, the Concierge service is free for the first year when you drop the cash for a new device, but if you want to keep it going past the 12-month mark it'll run you roughly $3,000. Siri, of course, is free... and way more sassy. I think you know which one is the better value.

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