Finally, a "fart app" worth caring about

fart code

In the very early days of the App Store there were many developers who seemed to have a hard time coming up with unique, original ideas for apps, so they did what any totally sane and reasonable person would do... they created fart apps. These were usually soundboard apps that played a toot or two with a tap. First there were just a handful, then dozens, then hundreds, and eventually the "fart app" phenomenon burnt itself out. But a new app called Fart Code is here to right the wrongs created by so many lame novelty apps that came before it, by providing some actionable data about the food you eat and the flatulence that results.

Fart Code scans the barcode on your food labels and dissects each product's ingredients for anything that might produce some gas later on. The app then ranks your potentially fragrant food on a scale from "Stinky" to "Toxic." If your food is free from potentially trouser-blasting ingredients, you'll get a notice that gives you the all-clear.

You can use the app to get additional details about each food item's "farty" elements, text your findings to anyone you desire and, of course, make a farting noise from your phone. It's actually a pretty neat free app, allowing you to learn more about why certain ingredients can lead to foulness later on, and might be a good bet for anyone looking to curb their, ahem, output.