Yahoo to strip Facebook and Google logins from Flickr starting June 30th

Matt Brian
M. Brian|06.06.14

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Yahoo's slowly been closing off third-party logins for its web services, but it's now turning its attention to one of its most-established communities: Flickr. The Next Web reports that the company has emailed users telling them that Facebook and Google account logins will be removed from the photo-sharing site starting June 30th. Yahoo previously said the change would allow it to offer "the best personalized experience to everyone," but given its desire to reinvent itself, ridding its services of rival logins keeps users inside its walled garden and helps boost its own userbase. If your desired login option will cease to exist come June 30th, Yahoo asks that you log into the site one last time using your Facebook or Google details. You'll be required to create a new Yahoo account, which will then be linked with the account you've used previously.

[Image credit: Murilo Cardoso, Flickr]

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