Doctor Who-inspired animation one of Sunset Overdrive's most requested respawns

Since it revealed "next-gen respawning" in Sunset Overdrive – the popular culture-infused animations that return players to the action after death – developer Insomniac Games has been flooded with suggestions from fans.

Insomniac Creative Director Marcus Smith says that one of the themes most suggested to him by fans is something inspired by Doctor Who. "People want to see that Tardis spinning in," he told me at an event showcasing Microsoft's upcoming lineup. Smith wouldn't give away any final respawn animation secrets.

A final tally of respawn animations hasn't been revealed, but Smith says the team has more than a dozen in the works. Some ideas, however, were left on the cutting room floor.

One animation, inspired by Back to the Future, would see the game's protagonist return by way of post-time travel DeLorean. Unfortunately, licensing issues related to the classic 80s vehicle forced the team to abandon the idea.

Sunset Overdrive launches on exclusively for the Xbox One on October 28.