Formlabs' second-gen pro 3D printer is 50 percent faster

Formlabs Form 1 Plus 3D printer

Formlabs' Form 1 was a top dog among 3D printers when it first shipped, but others have stepped up their game in the past year. It's about time for an upgrade, don't you think? Appropriately, the company has just unveiled the Form 1+, a big improvement to its now-familiar design. The new edition of Formlabs' pro-grade machine is all about raw performance -- a more powerful laser lets it print up to 50 percent faster, and its control system produces finer, smoother sculptures. It should be more reliable, too, thanks to an improved resin tank that better preserves your material.

The new printer costs the same $3,299 as the original, which doesn't exactly make it a casual purchase. However, you shouldn't despair if you're an existing Form 1 owner. Formlabs is offering a factory upgrade program that brings your hardware up to spec for a more down-to-Earth (if not exactly trivial) $749. You can order the revamped device today in the US, and Europeans can pick one up in July for €2,799.