Trials of Ascension pushing to fund playable dragons


Trials of Ascension has launched a "Release the Dragons" campaign to encourage backers to chip in a little extra so that playable dragons will be added to the game. The game just crossed the $50,000 crowdfunding barrier, and the team promises that if it reaches $60,000, it will add in the draconic characters.

By donating funds during this campaign, players can recieve extra goodies such as a high-rez dragon poster and special dragon tail designs.

According to the official disclaimer, playable dragons will be a truly hardcore choice: "There will be no harder race to play in ToA than the dragon. You will be challenged at every turn. You will die. A lot. Seriously. Chances of your dragon character making it to adulthood will be near zero. This is by design so don't bother whining about it. If after reading this warning, you still want to try, by all means read on but understand we cannot be held responsible for broken keyboards or debts payable to your swear jar."

[Thanks to Android for the tip!]