Launch Center Pro 2.3 supports iBeacons, Geofences and more

Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro has matured into a useful and very capable utility for iPhone. When I looked at it in 2011, its main functions were launching apps and performing actions. Subsequent releases have built upon that functionality, adding features like URL schemes and x-callback-url Support.

Today, version 2.3 adds support for iBeacons and geofences, plus it has a channel on IFTTT, GIF sharing from Giphy and barcode/QR scanning. Let's take a look at Launch Center Pro 2.3

Creating an action that makes use of a geofence or iBeacon is easy. Tap the compose button in the upper right-hand corner, then tap the "+" to make a new action. You can fill in a name and other information as you like, and then tap Location Triggers and finally "+".

Two options appear: Geofence and iBeacon. Select either and enter the relevant information. When setting up a geofence, there's a map built right in that lets you find the target location and adjust the size of the geofence around it. I love geofence tech and having it as a part of an app as powerful as Launch Center Pro is fantastic.

Working with iBeacons is just as easy. Just give the beacon a name and UUID (other information is optional) and you're all set. I'm already dreaming up how I can take advantage of this at Fenway Park in Boston.

Tweeting a GIF is fun and simple. You can create a list of your favorite GIF categories (like rage or featured, for example) and quickly find one you're interested in. The app then takes you right to Tweetbot (it'll prompt you to install Tweetbot if you haven't), composes a new tweet and paste the link right in. Anyone who has searched Giphy knows what a time saver this routine is. Of course you can share that perfect GIF via IM, email and more.

Bar code scanning had me stumped at first, but it's perfect for finding something on Amazon. Let's say you're at the mall and the perfect Acme Widget is on sale for US$29.99. Just scan the code and find it on Amazon to compare prices. Easy!

My favorite apps are those that are useful. Apps that actually make life easier. Wasn't that the promise of personal computing in 1984? Launch Center Pro makes it come true.