This is the next Slingbox, with WiFi in a smaller (and probably cheaper) box

Nearly two years ago when Sling last brought out some new TV placeshifting hardware we got the interestingly-designed 350 and 500. Zatz Not Funny points out this Slingbox M1 that has appeared on the company's warranty page and in FCC filing, and despite a very plain look, it could be even more appealing to fans of watching all of their TV channels from anywhere with an internet connection. Based on the information in the FCC docs it has WiFi included. Right now getting a Slingbox with WiFi means buying the $300 500 model, and Dave Zatz wonders if this Roku-like box could have a Roku-like pricetag of below $150, which would make it the cheapest one in the lineup. Whatever the M1 turns out to be, its trip through the FCC process means we should find out for sure soon.