Phone-jamming cloak lets you be seen and not tracked

We've covered invisibility cloaks, thermal cloaks and acoustic cloaks. But none of those were actual, you know, cloaks. The voluminous CHBL Jammer Coat really is. Created by Austrian designers, apparently with the help of Zoolander and some bedouin tribesmen, it uses metallic fabric to stop radiowaves going to or from any mobile devices carried in its many pockets. It further flummoxes onlookers and CCTV cameras by giving the illusion of "extra limbs," so that your real body parts remain hidden behind a mass of folds, wave circle patterns and pleased-to-see-me jokes. Alas, you can't actually buy a CHBL Jammer Coat, because it's a statement-making one-off, so genuine escape artists will need to shop for their portable Faraday cages elsewhere.