Weather to Wear helps you plan your skirts around the breeze

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John-Michael Bond
June 17, 2014 9:00 PM
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Weather to Wear helps you plan your skirts around the breeze

When it's hot outside, a nice skirt or dress can keep a person cooler during the day, but sometimes the wind conspires against you, turning your fashion statement into a bout of unexpected exhibitionism. Now, in the parlance of an old iOS slogan, there's an app for that. Weather to Wear is weather app that built with picking out your wardrobe in mind.

Presenting users with a five-day forecast, Weather to Wear gives you an idea of exactly how windy it will be so you can plan your own personal level of wind comfort. With colorful graphics that change with the weather, the app is fun, adorable, and practical all at once. Simply enter your location or postal code and Weather to Wear will give you an idea of what to wear for the week. The app can also find your location via GPS.

You can currently download the app for free on the iTunes store. With the summer festival season coming up soon, it might just keep you from an embarrassing situation while watching your favorite band. Enjoy.

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