Team Fortress 2 'Love and War' update rolls on, adds weapons and gluten

Xav de Matos
X. Matos|06.19.14

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After adding a handful of colorful taunts to its free-to-play shooter, Valve has rolled out a mix of new weapons and items available for Team Fortress 2 as part of its "Love and War" update.

Items featured in today's update include, but are not limited to: The Back Scatter, a scattergun with the ability to minicrit when used on enemies at close range from behind; The Tide Turner, a shield with solid resist bonuses; a parachute for slower descents; a new sniper rifle with the ability to charge shots; and a rocket launcher, which launches rockets according to the instructional manual.

There's also a limited edition item – the breadbox – that players can craft to earn access to a number of gluten-based items featured in Valve's recent TF2 short film, Expiration Date.
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