See more of Android Wear, Google's wrist-borne OS

Google pretty much divulged the most important things about Android Wear when it launched the OS, but this new video lays out all the details complete with visual aid. Timothy Jordan, the company's developer advocate, shows off a number of user interface elements in the video and explains how it doesn't make sense putting phone icons on a smartwatch. As mentioned before, you can issue voice commands by saying "OK, Google," and the OS uses Google Now-like cards to show you various information (weather, flight details, etc. -- the usual things available on regular Android).

Jordan also details how apps made for the platform can use different types of notification, like Stacks, which, well, stacks several for easier viewing. There's also the Pages format that shows one lengthy notification in several cards, and the Replies format, which gives you the option to respond through the watch itself using voice commands. Bottom line is that Android Wear, according to Jordan, is "glance-able" and reduces the time you need to interact with your smartwatch. The point of the video is to show you all these features before the LG G Watch and the Moto 360 come out, though, so press play below to see it all for yourself.