3D puzzler Saber's Edge joins Fire Phone games roster [update]

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3D puzzler Saber's Edge joins Fire Phone games roster [update]
Developer Hibernum Creations is bringing turn-based strategy puzzle game Saber's Edge exclusively to Amazon's Fire Phone.

Describing Saber's Edge as one of only two games tapped for this sort of exclusivity arrangement, Hibernum Creations seems thrilled to be working with the online retail giant. "This is a great achievement for the team at Hibernum, in Montreal, since we were the only Canadian mobile gaming studio selected and entrusted by Amazon for the development of this new original property to be launched this summer," the developer stated in a missive to press.

Though specific details on Saber's Edge are scant, Hibernum notes that the game will take advantage of the Fire Phone's Dynamic Perspective technology, a neat feature that tracks a user's facial positioning to deliver three-dimensional imagery on an otherwise two-dimensional screen.

Update: This article previously stated that Saber's Edge was coming from a "partnership" between Hibernum and Amazon Game Studios. Hibernum has revised its statement to claim responsibility as the game's primary developer.
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