iFixit: OnePlus One equals five for repairability

Like the proverbial internet pony of lore, you may want the OnePlus One smartphone's highly desirable specs and cheap $300 price, but you can't have it -- yet. Somehow the iFixit screwdriver brigade got one though, and recently disemboweled it for your pleasure (see the video below). Sure enough, all the bits are there: 3GB of Samsung-based RAM, 5.5-inch 1080p screen, Snapdragon 801 CPU and a goodly 3,100mAH battery, all inside an 8.9mm thick body. That's pretty slim for a phablet, and therein lies the problem: squeezing all that in required a hard-to-budge (and pricey to replace) fused screen, hidden connectors and adhesives. All that adds up to a repairability score of five out of ten -- far from the worst we've seen, but if you ever manage to nab one, you may want to insure it.