Microsoft Store lists Batman: Arkham Knight for Feb. 2015

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Microsoft Store lists Batman: Arkham Knight for Feb. 2015
Batman: Arkham Knight rises on February 24, 2015, at least so says the Microsoft Store. While the release date remains officially unconfirmed, the MS Store's offering does lie on a Tuesday, the day of the week games are released typically in North America.

NeoGAF spotted the Xbox One listing over the weekend, but when asked, Warner Bros. told Eurogamer the game "is due for release in 2015."

An early 2015 arrival for Rocksteady's new-gen Arkham looks likely. Speaking to earlier this month, Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy - who has some previous experience with spilling the bat-beans early - said Arkham Knight is due "next January." Conroy also noted it was originally supposed to come out in January 2014. As you're probably aware, Arkham Knight was scheduled for this year before WB pushed it back three weeks ago.
Apart from featuring a map five times the size of Rocksteady's last outing and a villain totally new to Batman, Arkham Knight hopes to tempt players to Gotham by introducing the Batmobile to the series. The game is set one year after the events of Arkham City with the dark knight once again in his prime, as opposed to the gawky, voice-cracking sophomore of Origins. What a nerd that guy was.

Anyway, hopefully Arkham Knight will prove to be the game that the PS4, Xbox One and PC deserve, whenever it swoops onto shelves.
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