Splatoon to offer two-squid local multiplayer

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Nintendo's colorful third-cephalo-person shooter Splatoon will include a local multiplayer mode for two players, the developer recently clarified. The game's producer, Hisashi Nogami explained to GameRant at E3 that Splatoon will include both a single-player mode and also a "one-on-one multiplayer mode that can be played without connecting to the Internet." Our time with the game at E3 centered on its eight-person online multiplayer action (divided into teams of four), in which players morph into squids and swim around any surface that's splattered with paint.

The game was first announced during Nintendo's special E3 2014 livestream earlier this month. Nogami clarified that Splatoon will launch as a full retail game for Wii U, and is expected to swim ashore in the "first half" of 2015. To fit in with the transformative nature of Splatoon, we will morph into squids for the remainder of this article. Splat. Splash Splatoon E3 selection SPLAT. Swoooosh. Tentacle noise! Swoosh.
[Image: Nintendo]
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