Daily App: Use RoadTrippers to plan your next adventure


Roadtrippers is the companion iOS app to, a trip planning site for those who live in the US and Israel. Unlike most travel sites, Roadtrippers highlights the out-of-the-way destinations with its detailed road guides and daily travel stories.

The iOS app has a dual purpose -- it allows you to find nearby places that provide a taste of the local flavor and provides an easy way to plan a trip with support for turn-by-turn directions. The place-finding side of the app works surprisingly well, even in my rural area, pulling up local restaurants, nearby accommodations and even nature-related spots that I didn't know about. Each highlighted location on the map has a beautifully designed page with details on the location including a brief description, contact information, directions and comments. You can add the place to your bucket list for future recall or to a trip that you are planning.


On the trip planning side of the app, you can add multiple locations to a trip, rearrange their order and get a preview of the driving details such as time, mileage and cost of gas. You can share your trips with the Roadtrippers community, as well as view trips created by other members. When you are done with your iOS device, you can edit the trip on the computer via the Roadtrippers website.

The Roadtrippers app provides a nice balance for folks preparing for vacation, allowing you to explore new places and organize trips all from the comfort of your iOS device. It has a few extra features, like the option to contribute a photo to a location and the ability to share the location so other members of your traveling party can provide feedback. All of these features are packed into a beautifully designed framework that syncs with the Roadtrippers website.

The Roadtrippers app is available for free from the iOS App Store. It is compatible with the iPhone and the iPad and requires iOS 6.0 or later. It also requires a Roadtrippers account, which is available for free.