You can now edit articles, view random pages on the Android Wikipedia app

Wikipedia already has an app, but get ready to meet its replacement. Available on Android starting today, the app's not just an aesthetic refresh; it adds the ability to edit entries directly from your mobile device. For those of us who use Wikipedia solely for browsing, that feature won't matter, but for active community members it's an important improvement.

Unlike the previous version, the new app is built on native Android, which should make for a more fluid experience navigating through pages. The interface is still streamlined and simple, with a menu bar which you can swipe up from the left. From there, you can log in, view your history, manage your saved pages or be taken to a random article. The random article feature is one of the best aspects of Wikipedia on the desktop -- how else would I have learned about the WEC 11 martial arts event? -- so users will definitely appreciate the Wikimedia Foundation listening to their feedback. Alas, the new Wikipedia app still doesn't allow for tabbed browsing, but at least the aforementioned history feature lets you keep track of your activity.

If you currently have the Android Wikipedia app, an update will get you the new and improved version. Users on iOS, meanwhile, will have to wait till July to get the additional functionality.