PlayStation Now will start streaming PS3 games to Sony TVs next week

Sony has been testing its PlayStation Now cloud streaming game service for months, with a select group of players testing it out on the PS3 and PS4 (all PS4 owners can try it out at the end of next month). On Monday, that group will expand to include owners of some of Sony's 2014 TVs, including all 4K Ultra HD sets and some of the 1080p models. As a part of the PlayStation Pilot Service, that means that if they live in the continental US, they can play PS3 games with just an internet-connected TV and a DualShock 3 controller plugged in via USB.

Trying games out that way might not save a ton of dough however -- prices for renting a title can range between $3 and $20 -- but it does mean one fewer box is needed in the entertainment center. Of course, Sony also mentions that its family of funky wedge-shaped Bravias are available in its Best Buy in-store experiences along with its 4K Ultra HD Media Player -- necessary if you want to watch Breaking Bad in the highest quality possible. So is this the end of the dedicated console? Not yet, but between this and its (coming soon) streaming TV service Sony is eventually going to make sure that the only cord plugged into its TVs is the one for power.


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