ID@Xbox games Contrast, Another World roll onto Xbox One

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ID@Xbox games Contrast, Another World roll onto Xbox One
Classic platformer Another World and noir puzzler Contrast are two of four new ID@Xbox entrants to graduate onto the Xbox One store. The two other self-published games, Zombie Driver and RBI Baseball, were released earlier in the week.

If you've seen Another World pop up a whole lot recently, that's because the cinematic 1991 adventure is celebrating turning 23 by bringing its 20th anniversary edition (yup) to every new system in town. Well, not quite every system... the PS4 port was due this week, then Sony amended its announcement, stating the game doesn't yet have a release date in North America [Thanks, Josh]. The PS4 game is out in Europe, though.

Anyway, back to the Xbox One where Another World is available now for $8/£6.39. Contrast is due to drop sometime today, priced at $15/£12.
[Image: Microsoft]
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