Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake out now for Android, iOS

SleepNinja's top-down puzzler Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake launches today on iOS and Android via Google Play and Amazon's app store. Since its release date was announced earlier this month, the game's price on mobile devices has increased by one dollar to $4.99.

The "environmental puzzle" game, which draws its inspiration from traditional Legend of Zelda puzzles, will also arrive on Steam next week on July 1. The PC version will cost $14.99, though it will be discounted by roughly 20 percent at launch. Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake gained ground on Kickstarter, earning $26,091 on the funding platform in February 2013 prior to receiving publishing assistance from Cartoon Network in April. Cartoon Network plans to publish "more than 10 mobile titles and at least four on Steam," of which Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake is its first original IP for the PC game distribution service.

[Image: SleepNinja]