YouTube and SiriusXM bring internet hits to satellite radio

Heads up, internet crooners: your tunes just might make the leap from the web to the radio... sort of. YouTube announced earlier this morning that it inked a deal with SiriusXM to bring the streaming video service's new and trending tracks to a new weekly show called the YouTube 15. The show -- which'll air on Sirius' Hits 1 pop station -- will be helmed by YouTube personality Jenna Marbles when it premieres on July 11, but it's only one part of Google's big new music push. Don't forget, it's also preparing to launch subscription-based music features on YouTube, though exactly when that'll happen (or how they'll work) is anyone's guess. The timing is pretty curious though: with a subscription service waiting in the wings, this SiriusXM deal seems well-equipped to get people thinking about YouTube as more than just a repository for cat videos and viral hits. No, it's a place where people actually discover and consume music; Google's going to make sure all of us know that soon enough.