Microsoft hints that Windows Phone will soon let you put apps in folders

Windows Phone already lets you store apps in Start screen folders, but it's a bit of a hack -- you have to use Nokia App Folder to get the feature in the first place, and you're really just opening one app to launch another. Microsoft might be near fixing that discrepancy, though. The company has posted instructions (since pulled) hinting that a future revision of Windows Phone 8.1 will include native folder support. Much like iOS and some flavors of Android, you'll only have to drag tiles on top of each other to make folders and tidy up your home page.

The document suggests that you'll need "Windows Phone 8.1 Update" to see this new trick, although it's not clear whether this is a reference to the finished 8.1 release (expected to arrive this summer) or a patch that would appear sometime later. We've asked Microsoft whether or not it can shed more light on the subject, but it's already safe to say that the company hasn't shown all its upgrade cards just yet.