Lock your Mac Pro to your desk with Apple's Security Lock Adapter

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Lock your Mac Pro to your desk with Apple's Security Lock Adapter

Macs are great computers, but they don't come cheap. The desktop Mac Pro model in particular will set you back $2,999 just for its most basic version. If you're worried about security, there's good news today. Apple has made it easier to protect your investment with the Mac Pro Security Lock Adapter.

The $49 adapter lets you use a compatible Kensington or similarly styled third-party lock to attach your Mac Pro to your desk. You can attach the adapter to the computer without using any tools, or permanently modifying or damaging your computer. Beyond securing the machine to your desk the lock adapter also blocks internal access to your computer.

Sadly, you have to buy your own lock on top of the $49 lock adapter and $2,999 computer, but when you've already invested so much it makes sense to keep it nailed down. The Security Lock Adapter is compatible with the following locks. You can buy it now in the Apple Store.

  • Kensington MicroSaver Lock
  • Kensington MicroSaver DS Keyed Lock
  • Kensington Combination Laptop Lock (2011)
  • Kensington Portable Combination Laptop Lock
  • Kensington WordLock Portable Combination Laptop Lock
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