Skyforge's Divine Observatory and rewards detailed

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|07.02.14

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Skyforge's Divine Observatory and rewards detailed
Skyforge has this thing called the Divine Observatory, which is a sort of global surveillance and warning system that monitors the pleas for help from Aelion's mortals and sends immortal player characters to their aid.

Said players "will have access to more than 40 exciting solo and group PvE adventures, five different types of PvP competitions and 10 massive open world locations to explore," according to the latest press release.

"As players complete adventures, they will receive rewards including credits, the most common currency on Aelion, Gems of Insights, which are used to develop skills and talents, unlocking new classes and characteristics, and Exotic Currencies, which can be used to buy new outfits to customize the look of the characters," the firm says. Click past the cut to read the full spiel and don't forget to have a look at the screenshot gallery while you're at it.
Skyforge: Divine Observatory
It's time to continue the journey through the world of Skyforge! Today we are revealing one of the most significant features of our game, the Divine Observatory. For the residents of Aelion, the Divine Observatory is a global surveillance and warning system. Its task is to monitor and display the pleas for help of Aelion's mortals and send immortals to their aid.

For players, it is a single point of entry into all sorts of adventures!

The Divine Observatory, as well as special Access points located throughout the whole planet, will quickly take you to where your help is needed most.

When you first begin your journey from immortal to godhood only a few adventures will be open but more and more will become available to you as you progress. During the first hundred hours of play time, the immortal heroes of Aelion will participate in more than 40 exciting solo and group PvE-adventures. There are also five different types of PvP competitions for PvP fans and ten vast open world locations that can be explored for hours and hours.

There are a multitude of activities open to players in the Divine Observatory, and your choice is not limited in any way. It's up to you to decide whether you would like to develop your character for PvP or PvE and then quickly jump into the content you prefer.

A normal adventure can be completed in an average of 15-25 minutes, while open world locations can take hours and hours to explore.

The Divine Observatory is updated every 40 minutes. Any changes in the adventures open to you or their rewards will be immediately displayed on the globe, a miniature projection of the planet. The system updates the list of "hot spots", allowing players to easily see and participate in all currently active events.

Open adventures and their rewards are updated every 40 minutes.

You are free to replay specific individual and group PvE-missions you enjoy again and again, and their rewards grow as your prestige grows, so they remain useful to your development and progression. After repeating an adventure several times, the difficulty will increase, and so will the amount and value of the rewards. Of course, other types of content also remain relevant to you as you grow as well. For example, the matchmaking system always tries to find the most suitable opponents when it picks players for PvP battles.

From the Divine Observatory you can enter the queue to participate in a group adventure and then go to one of the open world locations to continue completing simple tasks while the system is looking for a suitable group.

There are also additional recommended events which will appear in the Divine Observatory from time-to-time (adventure of the day, week and month). These recommended events are a great way to test your characters progression or try a different class. Sometimes the reward for the recommended event is so high that even an avid PvP player may decide to participate in a PvE adventure, or a confirmed Paladin will set off for Factory 501 as a Cryomancer.

The Divine Observatory also displays upcoming adventure that will soon become available.

The number you see in this picture above is Prestige - the main indicator of character development. It is affected by new unlocked classes, abilities, talents, equipment upgrades and many other things. When you reach a certain amount, new adventure and content are automatically unlocked.

Over time, there will be there will be a growing array of adventures and content available to you.

As heroes complete PvE-and PvP-adventures, they receive rewards including; Credits, the most common money on Aelion. Gems of Insight, which are used to develop your characters skills and talents, unlocking new classes and characteristics, and Exotic Currencies, which can be used to buy new outfits, customizing the look of your character.

As your prestige grows, the list of rewards expands. While at the first the characters receive only Gems of Insight, later their adventures will earn them other new and valuable resources. Over time, more and more difficult tasks will become available to you, including massive guild activities with their own rules and prizes, but that's a topic for another day.

Let us know what you think of the Devine Observatory! If you want the chance to see if it for yourself make sure you sign up for the Skyforge Beta now:
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