Volunteer to test a tablet-friendly version of Office for Android

Well looks like a version of Microsoft's Office specifically tailored for Android tablets is on the way. While we still wait for a touch-friendly version of the productivity suite for Windows, word on the street is users will soon be able to beta test a build for Google's tablet OS. According to the Verge's sources both companies and individuals should be able to sign up for access to pre-release versions of Office soon. Obviously we're still waiting for a lot of details, but it's expected that a finger-friendly interface (similar to that found on the iPad) is going to hit Android later this year. But Windows will have to wait until early 2015. While it's slightly surprising to see Microsoft's bread and butter productivity hit a competitors OS first, it highlights Satya Nadella's decision to build Redmond's future on the cloud and cross-platform accessibility. Rather than focusing solely on Windows.