Telltale expects the next Walking Dead episode to hit this month

Up until today, we expected July to be made up of a more relaxing breed of decisions. We were thinking stuff like whether to go with hot dogs or BBQ chicken, which sports to melt in front of, and which unnecessarily flashy sunglasses to buy. Blissful, meaningless decisions.

Then Telltale's Job Stauffer said the studio expects Season 2 Episode 4 of The Walking Dead to arrive this month, and all of a sudden we're faced with choices that have consequences. You know, it's very rare someone's suffered a gratuitously cruel death after we've plumped for the BBQ chicken. When we buy our Ray-Bans almost no-one gets left behind.

Clementine's adventures in zombieland continue where the first season left off, with bitey monsters, high drama, and suspicious companions. Three episodes are already out, with two to go before the season ends on a probably heart-wrenching note. Also, retail editions of the second season are due to hit consoles later this year, including PS4 and Xbox One. The first season is coming to both new-gen systems too.

In her glowing review of the third episode, Joystiq's Jess Conditt said,"Things are happening - they're happening right now, and they're happening only with the support of your advice and physical skills. The entire episode is plotting, running around to enact those plans and plotting some more. It makes for a heart-pounding rhythm."

[Image: Telltale Games]