More Hatsune Miku bopping West with Project Mirai Remix

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More Hatsune Miku bopping West with Project Mirai Remix
Sega is bringing Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 to the West in an "enhanced" version called Project Mirai Remix. There's no word on what enhancements to expect, but there's loads of time to find out because the 3DS rhythm game won't arrive until 2015.

Project Mirai Remix will be the first time the Vocaloid starlet graces 3DS in the West, having already bopped onto PlayStations with the Project Diva series. The most obvious difference between the Diva games and Mirai spinoffs is Miku herself, with the 3DS series presenting her in chibi form. Check out the original Project Mirai 2 in action below the break.

The game is also the latest step in the virtual songstress' plans for world domination. Sega recently revealed her games alone have shipped 2.5 million units in Japan, while across the ocean she's just finished touring as the opening act for Lady Gaga. No, really, it's true.
[Image: Sega]

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