Join Joystiq at GaymerX2 this weekend

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Join Joystiq at GaymerX2 this weekend
What are you doing this weekend? If you have some spare time and live around San Francisco, you're invited to hang out with Joystiq Editor-in-chief Ludwig Kietzmann and Managing Editor Susan Arendt at GaymerX2! Our dashing managerial duo is hosting and speaking on a panel called "Yes, and? An improvised approach to inclusion," which introduces a classic improv technique as a way to better communicate about difficult subjects within our existing social structures.

As comedy writer and actress Tina Fey breaks down in Bossypants, saying "yes, and" is a trick to make sure an improv scene doesn't fall flat. First, you have to accept the given situation – say "yes" – and second, you have to add to it, or the conversation stalls out. For our purposes, if someone says an aspect of a game or story makes them uncomfortable, we don't need to debate that feeling – we can say yes, and then add our own perspectives to the conversation.

GaymerX2 takes over the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco from July 11 - 13 – this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. GaymerX2 has a host of guests and panels lined up, including appearances by WWE star Darren Young, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and BioWare writer David Gaider (who'll be joining Ludwig and Susan). This is the final installment of the GaymerX conference series, but as President Toni Rocca told us earlier this year, GaymerX isn't dead.
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