Pivvot turns to Steam on July 14

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Pivvot turns to Steam on July 14

Pivvot ... Pivvot. Pivvot! Now that the word has lost all meaning, let us infuse it with beautiful comprehension: Pivvot is a twitchy, simplistic strategy game in the addictive vein of Super Hexagon, and it's due out on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux on July 14, at a launch sale price of $4.50. The Steam version includes a local co-op mode and full controller support – upgrades from the mobile editions that launched earlier this year – plus Steam achievements, trading cards, cloud support and leaderboards.

"For the Steam launch, Pivvot includes several new elements such as the ability to play seven of the eight game modes in a local co-op multiplayer setting with up to four players," the Pivvot press release reads. "While this might suggest a more forgiving version of Pivvot, don't be fooled. It's riddled with challenges and hectic gameplay that make for an even more adrenaline-rushing experience."

Creator Whitaker Trebella announced the date on Twitter, along with the new trailer. This is Trebella's first game on Steam, and his first launch as a full-time independent developer. To celebrate, he's giving away at least one ticket for the GDC 2015 Indie Games Summit to an up-and-coming developer: "By sharing a screenshot on Twitter of their Pivvot gameplay with the hashtag #PivvotToGDC between the dates of July 14 and July 21, at least one person will be entered to win."
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Pivvot, Renowned Mobile Game, Upgraded and

Enhanced for Steam Launch on July 14th

Sending Someone to the Independent Games Summit at Next Year's GDC

Pivvot Developer Whitaker Trebella to Support Up-and-Coming Indie Game Developers by

Chicago IL (July 14th, 2014) – Pivvot, the mobile game best known as a thrilling game of

strategic avoidance, has been upgraded and enhanced for its official Steam launch on July 14th.

Praised for creating hours of challenging and stress-inducing fun, Pivvot requires players to tap

into their ability to make quick impulsive decisions, coupled with both logic and skill, while they

fight for survival. Players will use their adrenaline-rushing skills to test their limits while they

navigate down the winding path as increasingly difficult obstacles stand in their way.

Staying true to the artfully minimalistic style of the game, Pivvot can be controlled with only two

buttons regardless of what kind of controller scheme is used. The game also features a critically

acclaimed soundtrack with five thriving, energetic, original tunes composed by developer

Whitaker Trebella.

The enhanced Steam version adds unique elements that serve as complete game changers,

including the option to play seven of the eight game modes in a local co-op multiplayer setting

with up to four players. The ability to play local co-op multiplayer creates a new dynamic within

Pivvot, as friends will work together to make their way down the path while strategically avoiding

the obstacles. If a player dies, another player will have the opportunity to bring them back to life

by retrieving a revival token located later on down the path. If all players die, they must start over.

While this may seem like a more forgiving version of Pivvot, don't be fooled. Multiple players

navigating down the twists and turns of the fast-paced path creates an even more hectic and

mind-bending experience.

The debut of Pivvot on Steam marks developer Whitaker Trebella's first game on Steam and a

celebration of his ability to fulfill his dream of becoming a full-time indie game developer. Although

he taught himself to program only a short three and a half years ago, Trebella is incredibly

passionate about the indie game community and thrives by being a part of it. Trebella credits

Pivvot for the gift to live out his dreams, and wants to give back by helping other indie developers

get closer to their own goals.

Thus, with the launch of Pivvot on Steam, Trebella is also launching the chance for an up-and-
coming game developer to win a pass to the Independent Games Summit at next year's GDC. By

sharing a screenshot on Twitter of their Pivvot gameplay with the hashtag #PivvotToGDC

between the dates of July 14th and July 21st, at least one person will be selected to win.

In conjunction with the contest and the ability to now play Pivvot in local co-op multiplayer, the

game also features several other upgrades including: full controller support, Steam

achievements, Steam trading cards, Steam Cloud, and Steam leaderboards. This enhanced

version of Pivvot also features eight game modes:

Voyage: Players travel through increasingly challenging levels of obstacles

Endless: Players will work to survive as long as possible as the game gets progressively faster

Expert Voyage: Players will have to battle even more challenging obstacles that will test their

logic and reaction time

Expert Endless: Players will be tested with more challenging obstacles as the increasing speed

tests their limits

Berserk: The ultimate challenge mode: chaotic, frenzied and unrelentingly tests of logic, speed,

and skill

Random Endless: Players try to stay alive as randomized obstacles and a progressively harder

gameplay stands in their way

Random Expert Endless: A faster paced randomized version of expert endless mode leaving

players constantly guessing

Looper: Players will attempt to complete as many 360-degree loops as possible before an

obstacle causes their demise

Pivvot will be available for purchase on Steam on the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms

beginning on Monday, July 14th for a limited launch sale of $4.49. For those who want both the

soundtrack and game, they will be available for a bundle price of $8.09. For more information:

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Pivvot turns to Steam on July 14