The Queue: Time warp

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In my personal canon, every time a mage uses Time Warp, it creates a new timeline. We aren't even on our Azeroth anymore. Who knows where we are? Mages ruin everything.

CRtheMighty asked:

Who all from our Azeroth is going to this alt-Draenor? I know Garrosh, because it's his fault, and somewhere Thrall pops over. Anyone else?

It's a surprisingly long list, but not everyone on that list is someone we'd consider significant. Some of them are well-known faction heroes, some of them are more rank-and-file military NPCs. Spoilers incoming, so if you don't want spoilers, skip to the next question!

Gone? Good.

Off the top of my head, I can remember Garrosh, Maraad, Lady Liadrin, Khadgar, Thrall, Gazlowe, Saurfang, Amber Kearnen, and Baros Alexston. There are other notables, but I can't remember them all. There are a few I know are there but I can't remember their names because they're Horde characters and I don't play Horde very often. There are also the oodles of less-important people that come from our Azeroth to help you maintain your garrison. It's a pretty sizable force.

Cyrael asked:

IIRC, they've said ALL NPCs will also get new models. Do you think they will redo any of the old in - game cinematics?

I seriously doubt it. Unless Blizzard already had some shortcuts in place in anticipation of the new models, any prerendered cinematics would need to be done from the ground up. Blizzard typically avoids putting that kind of work into old content. Would they rather redo ten old cinematics or make ten brand new ones? Which would we prefer?

Hordehunting asked:

What role will Pandaren possibly play in warlords? Do you think its possible that Taran Zhu will play a part. Or maybe Chen Stormstout will take the opportunity to explore Draenor in pursuit of the perfect brew?

Beyond a few pandaren NPCs wandering around your garrison? No role at all. Warlords of Draenor isn't about them. And now that Mists of Pandaria is done, they're going to get the same treatment as every other race that gets added to the Horde and the Alliance: they're going to be thrown in a river to drown and we might remember we left them there 4-6 years from now.

sergel92 asked:

Question about the 90 boost for professions. If you're character is lvl 1-60 and you boost them, their professions get boosted too 600?

You only receive a profession boost if you boost a character that's level 60 or higher. Anything below 60 does not get a boost to professions.

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