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Massively Liveblogs: SWTOR's Galactic Strongholds

Larry Everett, @Shaddoe
July 10, 2014

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The upcoming expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic has the potential to completely change player perception of the game. Galactic Strongholds gives players the ability to own and decorate a home on four different planets: Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, Coruscant, and Dromund Kaas. Last week, the developers showed off the Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace; today, we see the Coruscant Skyrise Apartment.

Over the next couple of weeks, developers have promised to answer questions, including, "Who can visit your stronghold when you're not looking?" and "How many people can visit before your skyrise topples to level 1313?" They also said that they will give an in-depth tour of the prestige system and the legacy bank.

We are liveblogging right now in the comments as the developers are speaking, so join us!

The stream is done, but we have embedded it above, and consolidated the notes below. Thank you for participating!

Stream notes:

  • Hosted by Community Manager Eric Musco and Producer Jack Woods.
  • They are going talking about handing out keys, inviting, and kicking people, and most importantly: public listing and prestige.
  • Decoration crafting droids on the fleet.
  • Stronghold Director gives you to Stronghold quest.
Stronghold Director
  • You gain some starter decorations from the quest.
  • You find public listings on the fleet on the listing terminal.
  • The higher the prestige, the higher the listing.
  • Lots of dancing Twi'leks!
Dancing Twi'leks
  • You need a minium prestige score of 1000 for public to visit.
  • /chair near a chair lets you sit in the chair
  • The more decorations you unlock the more prestige. Subscriber's prestige is doubled.
  • Currently 60 is the limit for people visiting your Stronghold.
  • Visits are only for when you are in the Stronghold.
  • Three different keys -- Gold (only an owner can have this): do everything. Silver: invite and kick people. Bronze: only visit.
  • Keys cost nothing.
  • Keys can obviously be revoked.
  • Senate tower and spaceport in the "back" of the Coruscant Skyrise.
  • Dromund Kaas and Coruscant will be the least expensive. Nar Shaddaa and Tatooine will be expensive.
  • He said it was because the actual strongholds were bigger -- more hooks to be specific.
  • The more decorations the higher, the prestige you have.
  • The more rooms you have unlocked, the more prestige you have.
  • Ceiling hooks for lighting and it does illuminate the floor.
  • There is natural lighting, but you can effect the lighting in minor ways.
  • The UI will tell you where you can find items.
Decor item source
  • Will there be interactive items? Yes: appears mod, cargo bay, guild bank, mail box. They will likely have the Stronghold directory, too.
  • Guilds can own Strongholds.
  • You will see planetary chat in your stronghold. The plan currently is no fleet chat, but they are talking about it.
  • Even at low levels, you will be able to afford Dromund Kaas and Corscant.
  • You have to be a subscriber on the day of the promotion to get the promotion. That's all. You can unsub after that.
  • You can access the opposite faction Stronghold. There will be a fee attached.
  • Jack Woods is a keyboard turner. Not mentioned, but just a personal observation.
  • Other players will not be able to decorate your Stronghold.
  • Guild Strongholds will be talked about later.
  • Strongholds are listed per faction.
  • Basically, if you earn a mount and unlock it as a decoration, you would have to unlock it as a decoration multiple times to get it multiple times.
  • You will be able to sell and buy decor on the GTN.
  • You give keys to characters not accounts.
  • There are no mannequins, but you can place companions with armor.
  • Not sure if training dummys will be in decor.
  • Courtney Woods joins the stream when Jack Woods leaves (no relation).
  • Only one of each companion can be placed. If you have 12 HKs across your legacy, you can only place one.
  • Musco cannot decorate -- an observation by the chatroom and Courtney Woods.
  • Anything that is tied to an achievement, you will earn that decoration. However, if (for instance) you get a decoration as a drop from Soa, you would have to go kill Soa again.

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