Sonos now streams SoundCloud music collections

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Steve Dent
July 10, 2014 9:00 AM
Sonos now streams SoundCloud music collections

Sonos owners looking for more off-beat tracks than Spotify or Google Play Music offer can now access a SoundCloud beta program. SoundCloud likens itself to an audio version of Vimeo or Flickr: a platform for new artists, established acts like Macklemore, comedians and others to share tracks. Users can listen to unlimited music for free, download up to a hundred songs, join groups and even comment on specific parts of a song. If you've got a Sonos device like the Play:1, you'll be able to access SoundCloud by heading to the "add music services" section in the latest Sonos iOS or Android controller app. From there, you've got a stupefying array of choices -- 12 hours of music is loaded to the site every minute.

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