Raspberry Pi launches Model B+ with extra USB ports, microSD support

When you've got more than a few upstarts gunning for your throne, it seems wise to keep ahead of the game. That's why the Raspberry Pi foundation has announced an upgraded version of its Model B, the, uh, Model B+ -- which is described as the "final evolution" of the first-generation Raspberry Pi. The tweaked hardware now offers two more USB 2.0 ports, a microSD card reader and 14 more GPIO pins, making a total of 40 on the board. In order to achieve this, however, some sacrifices had to be made, including a new layout which promises to be both "neater," but may not fit your current cases. The outfit has also merged the composite video and audio ports into one and promises better audio, which is good, because Wolfson's audio card may no longer be supported. Thankfully, despite all of the changes, the foundation has pledged to keep the price the same both in the US and the UK. Fans of the older hardware need not worry either, as Eben Upton has pledged that the model B will continue to be manufactured for as long as the public demands it.

Meet the Raspberry Pi Model B+ from Raspberry Pi Foundation on Vimeo.