Timberman is all kinds of free, woodsy fun

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Mike Wehner
July 15th, 2014
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Timberman is all kinds of free, woodsy fun


Flappy Bird may have long since flown the App Store coop, but its legacy lives on in games like Timberman. Like many of the games spawned by the infamous Flappy Bird, Timberman is a one-handed game that can be played with a single finger, it's rendered in a pixelated art style, and it's both extremely addictive and endlessly frustrating.

You play as the titular Timberman (or Timberwoman, if you are skilled enough to unlock her) and your only goal is to cut a massive tree down to size. Each tap of the screen equals a swing of the axe, which results in a big chunk of the tree flying off to the side of the screen. As you chop away, branches on the tree trunk slowly make their way towards you, and you need to tap on the opposite side of the screen in order to avoid them. That's it -- that's the entire game.

As you assault mother nature's impressive accomplishment, a timer ticks away at the top of the screen. Each chunk of wood you whip boosts the timer a small bit, but the countdown speeds up gradually as you play. You'll inevitably meet your doom at the hands of either a dead clock or a tree branch, and which point your score is saved and you either cry or cheer.

Depending on how good you are, you can unlock additional Timberman characters to play as, which is a nice bonus. Even without this extra carrot dangling in front of your face, the game is extremely addictive. It's got the same "I can do better than that" bite that Flappy Bird was so famous for, and the fact that you can instantly restart the game after failure makes repeated attempts too tempting to resist.

The game is available in an ad-supported free version as well as the US$0.99, ad-free "Golden Edition." The ads only pop up between rounds, so sticking with the free app probably isn't the worst idea, but the game is also definitely worth the dollar.

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