Updates on Curse of Naxxramas

Much to the dismay of conspiracy theorists everywhere, Curse of Naxxramas has not been released today. Hearthstone's first adventure pack is still targeted for release sometime this month, but there's no official date to note just yet. Agonizing as the wait might be, information has continued to drop, painting a more complete picture of just what we can expect. Here are some updates you might've missed.

Heroic Mode

  • Each of the five Curse of Naxxramas wings will feature a heroic mode available upon completion of the normal mode. Heroic mode is described as being punishingly hard.

  • Players able to conquer all of the wings on heroic mode will be awarded a special card back, which has yet to be revealed. Of note, the card back is supposed be unveiled before Curse of Naxxramas launches, so it's definitely something to watch for.

Golden Cards

  • Players will be able to obtain golden versions of Curse of Naxxramas cards via dust. Expect dust costs to remain the same as they are now. In example, a golden legendary card will still cost 3200 dust.


  • Curse of Naxxramas cards will begin appearing in the Hearthstone arena as their respective wings are released. This means that, over the course of five weeks, all of the cards will become available in arena.


  • The initial wing of Curse of Naxxramas will be available to everyone free of charge during the launch event. After that, it will cost 700 gold, similar to the other wings.

It's also worth noting that this first adventure pack will help create the framework for additional adventure packs going forward. Team Five has been very vocal about their excitement over Curse of Naxxramas, and just how much they want to see it released. So, patience, everyone. We're almost there!