Microsoft lets the EU exercise its 'right to be forgotten' on Bing

Microsoft is clearly taking a cautious stance on the European Union's "right to be forgotten;" several weeks after Google started accepting requests to scrub yourself out of search results, you can finally ask for the same treatment on Bing. The company has posted a form that walks EU residents through the request process, giving them a relatively easy way to block offending pages from showing up in queries.

With that said, Microsoft isn't making things too easy. It obviously learned a lesson or two from Google's early experiences, where some people misused the system to hide negative press and otherwise rewrite history. You have to reveal whether or not you're a public figure, explain the reasons behind your request, and otherwise prove that you aren't just trying to squelch "free expression." It won't be shocking if some applicants lie about themselves in an attempt to silence criticism, but there are enough protective measures in place that the crew in Redmond can theoretically spot bogus demands before it's too late.

[Image credit: Adam Berry via Getty Images]