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Xbox Live and PlayStation Network are both having issues (update: fixed!)

Excited to play the Destiny on PlayStation Network? You're not the only one, and demand as the game's beta opened its doors today seems to have the service stumbling. A message on the PlayStation Knowledge Center says PSN access is "Intermittently available" so if it's working, great but don't be surprised if you notice some odd behavior. Xbox fans shouldn't be too quick to point fingers though, since besides waiting another week to try out an early version of Bungie's next big game you may also experience issues with Xbox Live. The Xbox Live Dashboard points out problems for some users signing in or accessing the Video and Music services, but says there is a team working on it and promises another updated within the half hour. Since Nintendo Network appears to be running just fine, we can only assume which culprit is behind this.

Update: The PlayStation Network status has been upgraded to "online" so go forth and beta test freely. Meanwhile, Xbox Support says its sign-in issues are resolved, so you should be good to go there as well.