Destiny beta introduces The Iron Banner event today

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Destiny beta introduces The Iron Banner event today
Guardians that have already trampled Destiny's alien species can still find something new to do later today – Bungie's weekly update has introduced The Iron Banner, an event that opens today at 5pm EST and serves as the "only way" to return to Rusted Lands, which was in Destiny's alpha. The Iron Banner will also lead players to Blind Watch, a locale on Mars. Because this adventure is in space.

Destiny's update reminds us that its mobile app is available too, lest you be stuck tending to real-life responsibilities without an outlet for your genuine interests. The app lets players peek at their Guardians, swap gear or dive into meticulously-detailed stats for their time in the beta. In a response to a fan's question, Bungie also reminded us that saves will transfer between last generation consoles and their modern counterparts. In other words, you can start your journey before you finish saving for a new console without worrying about wasting your time.
[Image: Bungie]
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