Evernote adds private sharing link options and auto reminder alarms

Evernote has worked hard to build itself into a perfect document and note-taking service whether you're a casual user or a business pro. It can already keep track of your recipes, contacts, or notes, scan your business cards, take pictures, record voice memos, and create to-do lists. Still, what have they done for us lately? The answer is new privacy and reminder options.

This week's update to Evernote's iOS app adds new privacy options for sharing documents with another user. Now, when given the option of sending either a private link or a public link, public links can be shared, while private links can only be viewed by people who are granted access to a particular notebook.

For those of you who use the app for reminders, this latest update removes an extra step in your quest to stay on time. Now when you add a reminder in Evernote it automatically sets an alarm for you based on the reminder's launch time.

As always, you can find the updated version of Evernote as a free download in the iTunes Store.