The Big Picture: Exobiotanica, a bonsai tree in space

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The Big Picture: Exobiotanica, a bonsai tree in space

This is "Exobiotanica Botanical Space Flight," the latest project from Japanese artist Makoto Azuma. In tandem with JP Aerospace, self-described as " America's Other Space Program," Azuma set out to create beautiful imagery by sending a bonsai tree and a variety of other plants to space, using giant helium balloons and custom frames as the method of transportation. The results of Azuma's Exobiotanica project, which had its starting point in Block Rock Desert, Nevada, were spectacular to say the least, showing us what it's like for organic life to go where most humans haven't. Simply beautiful.

Gallery: Exobiotanica -Botanical Space Flight- | 10 Photos


[Image credit: AMKK]

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