Halo still evolving its combat, graphics and more on PC

Halo: Combat Evolved has already had its Anniversary edition on Xbox 360, and later this year, we'll see its remastered form once again as part of The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One. But official efforts from Microsoft and 343 Industries aren't the only ones working to update John-117 and Cortana's adventures; a group of modders has created "SPV3," a mod that improves the visuals while adding features not only from later Halo games, but some completely new ones as well.

Want to hijack a Ghost? Take out a Brute with the Battle Rifle? Such are the dreams that SPV3 makes into reality. The mod is a work-in-progress, however, and won't be ready until later this year. The recently-released trailer shows that instead of being made available all at once, the group behind SPV3 is aiming to release individual levels over the course of two months later this year. Check out the full list after the break:

  • Pillar of Autumn - November 26

  • Halo - December 3

  • Truth and Reconciliation - December 10

  • The Silent Cartographer Evolved - December 17

  • Assault on the Control Room - December 24

Interestingly, this is only half of the game's single-player campaign. The trailer makes no mention of when the remaining levels - 343 Guilty Spark, The Library, Two Betrayals, Keyes and The Maw - will be updated to match the first half.

If you want to follow the mod's (extensive!) development, be sure to check out the forums.

[Image: Microsoft/CMT]