Titanfall adds 'Black Market' and in-game currency system

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Titanfall adds 'Black Market' and in-game currency system
Respawn Entertainment added a new in-game market to Titanfall known as the "Black Market," which allows players to redeem credits in the game for burn card packs and insignias. For instance, the game's standard burn card pack costs 5,000 credits and contains six random pilot and Titan burn cards. Players will have access to the Black Market once they reach level 11 and have opened the burn card menu.

Respawn emphasized that the game's new currency and market updates do not indicate that Titanfall players will be spending real money in the game at any point, driving the point home with an all-caps "NO MICROTRANSACTIONS" note in its announcement.

Players will only be able to receive credits in Titanfall by playing the game, namely through match completion (500 credits, according to a provided screenshot) and victories (250 credits), completing daily challenges, selling burn cards and achieving their first win of the day (1,000 credits).

Additionally, once a player reaches level 50, a percentage of the experience points they earn will be converted into credits, though the developer did not clarify how big of a chunk of XP will be converted.
[Image: EA Games]
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