Fewer than half of GameStop customers know about trades

If you're a regular shopper at GameStop, you've probably heard it more times than you can count. If you've worked there, you might know the line by heart. "Thank you for choosing GameStop, where we buy and sell used games, how can I help you?"

Although that phrase - and slight variants - might feel to us like they get repeated ad nauseum, GameStop president Tony Bartel told VentureBeat that only 40 percent of the retailer's customers know they can trade in their old products for in-store credit or cash. Bartel says even fewer know they can trade in mobile devices like phones and tablets.

Despite fewer than half of its customers knowing about trade-in options, VentureBeat reports that GameStop saw $1.2 billion in trade credit spent in-store annually, with Bartel claiming that 70 percent of trade credit goes toward purchasing new games. Hey, that reminds us: The Last of Us Remastered is coming out on Tuesday, and GameStop is offering 50 percent off when you trade in a PS3 copy of The Last of Us. You know you can trade in your old games, right?

[Image: GameStop]